Where to Next???

This is from the student blogging challenge #10. The italicized and underlined words are my answers.

Please evaluate the challenge mentioning something about the following topics:

Registration: Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge?
-Maybe we three or four weeks is good for students to register of course and to learn about internet safety, how to treat laptops, and how to use laptops.

Subscription: Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published?
-Since I am a student blogger, I can;t subscribe to RSS or email, but I am sure my teacher did.

Student and class pages: How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge?
-The pages are really helpful for other people to navigate blogs and see what different topics the blogger will read about.

The challenges:

  • Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?
    -I had to look at the challenge, but sometimes my teacher would show what to do if it was hard to understand.
  • Which challenges were the most useful?
    -The challenges that were the most useful were all of them because they all gave students different things to talk about every time and commented to other people, communicating with the world.
  • Which challenges were the most interesting?
    -The most interesting challenges were #7, 8, and 9 because they were all fun involving expressing ourselves.
  • What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?
    -Other topics would be to meet an over-sea friend that can be your pen-pal and write to each other.
  • Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post
    -There should be more tutorial challenges because students don’t really know everything especially young seven year old’s.
  • Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?
    -They weren’t very useful to me because they all didn’t make value to me.
  • Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?
    -They all were interesting because I could do it all, but embedding the sometimes deleted all my other widgets.
  • Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?
    -No because all the class time my class gets is a Thursday for about two hours.
  • Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?
    -I can’t answer this because I was a student blogger.
  • Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular
    Nothing else except that it was a good experience.

Will I continue Blogging? Or Should I Stop?

This is the 2nd to last month of the school year until summer vacation. Should I continue to blog over my vacation like the student blogging challenge #9 says? Well, there are two good sides in continuing to blog.

Lets start with we should blog over our break:
-Build vocabulary skills when we comment and write posts
-Writing posts helps us express our feelings to the world
-Writing posts tells other people about the summer activities (for people who don’t have summer or is in winter)
-Your friends can see what you are doing and writing about
-Communicating with other people
-In case we are bored, we have something to do

Now, lets go with why we shouldn’t blog over our break:
-We need a break from blogging if your teacher make you write a post EVERYDAY(not that my teacher does)
-Too much time looking at the computer is bad for your eyes
-We need to have fun and get away from schoolwork
-There things more important than blogging all day
-Spend time with friends, families, and by yourself(we all need to be alone sometimes)

So, what will you do? Blog? Or not? To be honest, I don’t even know myself!


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Forms of Ficton Part 3 (Skits)

There is a PART 3 to our project in Language Arts!!! In part 3, read old stories, in my case myths. Then we had to write a skit about one of our stories and then rewrite it so the characters won’t be all bad or all good. Next we had to act out the original story and the rewritten story.

Here is the original one:

The Great Deeds of King Yu By M.A. Jadendorf and Virginia Weng

(King Yu=KY, Dragon=D, Snake=S, and Narrator=N)

KY:These villagers need water. I shall make a water bed.

(Dragon and Snake come)

D, S: We will make it for you.


N:And so Dragon and Snake dug water beds for King Yu.

(Snake slithers to dig)

S:This small patch will be enough.

(Snake falls asleep)

D:I shall dig with my claws!

(Dragon digs a lot of dirt out of the ground)

(King Yu comes in)

KY:Fabulous work Dragon! For this you will fly to rule the skies and the rains.

KY(Angry):As for you snake, digging this poor water bed!!! You will spend your life forever in the ocean with the waves pounding you.

N:So that is how dragon are up in the air and snakes on the ground and in the ocean.

The Great Deeds of King Yu Retold by William L.

(Every character is the same and characters that are added are Queen Yu=QY, and Crab=C)

King Yu:These lazy villagers can’t get water themselves! Oh well, I will just have to make a water bed myself. (Groan) Snake, Crab, Dragon COME HERE!


KY:Make a water bed my fateful slaves


QY:What is it dear? Why are you working these animals so hard?

KY:Because I feel like it! Now leave!

QU:Fine then you hag-bag!

S:I must make this water bed so King Yu will be happy with me!

(Snake slithers to dig)

S:I am pooped. I am going to rest for a while.

C:I can’t dig a water bed! I just got my claws done!

(Crab pinches a little bit of dirt to dig)

C:There. This will be enough

Dragon:I don’t want to dig this, but King Yu will be mad at me! I must dig.

(Dragon uses his claws to dig)

KY:Looks like Dragon has done the best. For that he will rule the skies and the rains.

KY:As for you snake and crab, you give me such poor beds!

S:I can only slither! I can’t dig as fast as Dragon can!

C:And I just got my claws done!

KY:I don’t care! For the poor beds, you will live in the raging seas where the waves will pound against you!

C, S:NO!!!

D:Sucks to be you.

N:So that is why Dragons are in the sky and Snakes and Crabs are in the sea and ground.


Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16608866@N00/184963992

My Own Choice

Writing this for the Student Blogging Challenge #8. I am really interested in many things. One of them is Kingdom Hearts. It is about a kids my age that have sword like weapons called key-blades. With it the character can destroy monsters called heartless. They are evil and contain the hearts of people that have been swallowed by the darkness. The body turns into a nobody if the person is strong-willed or something like that. Enough about Kingdom Hearts, lets talk about a new subject. I also like Pokemon. If you don’t know what it is about, it is a game where came from the Japanese word, pocket monsters which is where the name Pokemon came from. Pokemon is where you can catch mysterious creatures inside a poke ball. Animal like creatures or Pokemon creatures are based on many things. Some are based on fish, snakes, plants, and even trash! Now, time for another thing I really like. I also like Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a card game with mystical monsters, spells, and traps. It is a simple game where two more players (if you make it possible) have 8,000 points called life points. When your life points hit zero, you lose. You can deduct your opponent’s life points by attacking with your monsters or using powerful spells and traps. Well… I have other stuff that I like, but this is enough for you that to summarize I like video games and strategy games.

What do you like?


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Forms of Fiction

In class, we are working on our forms of fiction project like myths, fables/fairy tales, legends, etc. Of course I got myth and my project presentation had to be about advertisements that related to one or more of our four stories.  So if you see my presentation, you will see what this project is all about. Of course there is more to the project(being in honors), but we are doing it little by little since it is very long. So long for now.

Photo Credit: http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=myths

Photo Credit: http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=myths

Earth Day

This is for the Student Blogging Challenge.
On Earth Day, our class watched The Lorax Video by Dr. Seuss to learn that cutting lots of trees down is bad, but we can if we plant more to grow in their places. We can help save the earth by recycling to make new things, reuse trash to make something new like art, toys, etc. When we see trash on the ground, PICK IT UP because some lazy bum littered. Also, PICK UP YOUR DOG POOP!!! I see it everywhere on the street and it looks awful. Lazy people these days. We should invent a diaper for dogs so we don’t have to see the nasty poop on the ground. We should also make a fourth trash bin for batteries and other unusable electronics so the batteries won’t dispose a bad chemical and the electronics that will be reused we be made into other electronics(I hope they make an iPhone 32). Save the earth!!!


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In my Language Arts class, we are studying poetry and writing them. The last type of poetry we learned was a motto. This is my motto about life.

Motto of Life

First works.
Very first steps.
Birthdays, teens,
college, a new car, a life

Married in your mid-thirties
House, a wife, three kids, a family
Joys of parenthood with kid’s education
A daily job, money management, insurance,
car repair, bills, anniversaries, adulthood, retirement.

Medications, trips to the hospital, sad times, dies, in the grave, last steps down.

Life has no discrimination.
Everybody dies and gets sick,
gets sorrow and pain along with growing up.



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In my Language Arts class, we are studying poetry and writing them. The third form of poetry I learned was haiku’s. Here are my haiku’s.

1. A cold winter day
Fire and family for warmth
A cold winter day

2. Mom that helps me out
Mom that supports me forever
Mom that loves me so

3. On a breezy spring
On the hot, musty, summer day
Family here; happy



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Ode to my Mom

In my Language Arts class, we are studying poetry and writing them. The second form of poetry we learned are odes. Here is my Haiku. The image is related to the Student Challenge #5.

Ode to my Mom

A big heart
like an elephant
As caring as an
angel from heaven
Comes home everyday
tired from work
everyday; trying
to make money
for us. Screaming his
head off dad doesn’t help
the situation much and
he has a temper like a
raging bull. Takes me
places, Seaworld, Disneyland,
Las Vegas, Knotts Berry Farm,
or just the simple Costco. Cooks food
about everyday for me/has good food like a gourmet chef.
Buts me what I want, but not spoiled.
Talks about my day. Loves me every day,
night, day. I love her like a big
panda. Best mom ever. <3



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A Little Boy Attached

In my Language Arts class, we are studying poetry and writing them. My first poem in a regular poem in the form of Dr. Seuss. The images are apart of Challenge #5.

A Little Boy Attached
A little boy
Attached to his stuffed bear
They both played with toys
They treated each other with care

The boy took him to sleep
Without the bear, he couldn’t rest
With blankets for warmth in a heep
For rest, for the child, for the best

Taking the bear here and there
The little boy even took him to a fair

But one day when momma did the wash
The bear was no where to be seen
The little boy cried and went into a nash
The whole family came and went scream

Looking for the bear harder then ever
But the family thought the bear was never

When the wash timer clicked
Momma went to dry the clothes
Doing that found the bear in the wash all ticked
The little boy and the bear together, hothes



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Response To Literature

The class started reading a book that we picked for our response to literature paragraphs. I picked the book So B. It by Sarah Weeks. It is about a girl who has a mentally disabled mom that says the word soof a lot. So Heidi goes on a quest to seek the answers she seeks about the mysterious word, soof.

So B. It-Summary By:William L.

What does it mean? What does it mean? What does it mean? Have you ever wondered about something and was pounding your brain for the answer? Well, that is what Heidi did in the book, So B. It by Sarah Weeks. Heidi a girl that lives in Reno, Nevada in an apartment with her mom named So B. It and with Bernadette (A neighbor that lives with Heidi to help them with any problems) and the problem is that Heidi wants to find out what her mom’s mysterious word means. Her word is soof which isn’t in the English dictionary. So when Heidi finds a roll of film in their junk drawer and gets them developed, a picture shows her a place momma was so she decides to go to Liberty in New York to find out what soof means. She buys a bus ticket with the money she gets from the slot machines with luck. Then Heidi goes to Liberty without any problems except that her money got stolen, but when Heidi guessed the number of jelly beans in a jar, she gets a free ride to Hilltop which is a place for the mentally disabled. When she gets there, she finds a mentally disabled man named Elliot who called Heidi soof. Then Heidi meets Thurman Hill, her grandpa who runs Hilltop Home asks for a private moment where then he tells Heidi all she wanted to know about Momma’s word and her life. Just then, Bernadette called Heidi to say that Momma is dead because of the painful headaches. At the funeral, Heidi realizes that Momma’s word for love was soof because her vocabulary was limited to 23 words. I think what the author is trying to tell me is that love comes in many ways like Momma’s word for love to Heidi and Bernadette.

Love came in many ways when at Ruby’s and Roy’s Home. They treated Heidi so well not just because they lost the coin toss bet, but because they wanted to. Ruby gives Heidi warm food, a comfortable bed, a hot bath, and love/attention when Heidi really needed it like when Heidi showed them the pictures. Also, Roy gave Heidi a ride back to Hilltop and Heidi inspired Roy and Ruby to have another baby after the haunting memory of the death of their other three babies that have died. At the bus station, Alice didn’t say that she loved Heidi a bit, but she did show it when Alice gave Heidi a piece of pie sometime in the morning because they were both really hungry. She also shared a lot of personal information and normally, people would not share anything about themselves because they are too shy or are too secretive. When Heidi was about to hurl, Georgia Sweet was showing her love to Heidi when she gave her a Double mint and a Coke to relief her stomach. She also talked to Hedi about her problems and tried to help the best she could like getting a “mother” for her on the bus. People might not say they love you, but they show it in many ways.

Who said love couldn’t come from a bad situation like the death of Sophia. It said in the book that momma died because of her painful, non stopping, headaches and it is true. But at the funeral, Heidi then knew what the word soof was and why Momma was saying it. But it meant more than what the book said. It meant love for Heidi. Momma couldn’t say the word love so she said soof. The tea that Momma gave Heidi every time Heidi felt disappointed, discouraged, or even angry gave Heidi a comforting taste of her mom’s support even though she can’t say that she is supporting Heidi. Mr. Hilltop or in otherwards, Heidi’s Grandpa, was lying at first because he didn’t want to admit the truth according to all of Heidi’s notes about lying. But then she showed his love by telling the truth the second time Heidi and Hilltop met. Although, I wonder why he didn’t tell the truth at first if it wasn’t anything serious. I also had a theory that mama started having those really bad headaches when Heidi first left, so I think Heidi’s and her mom’s bond or love is so strong that they can’t be separated for long or you die like Momma. After Heidi found out that her grandmother, Dianne DeMuth got killed in a bus accident. Sophia gave birth to Heidi knowing that her mother has died, but wanted to love a child of her own. Heidi’s grandmother dying on the same day as her Birthday must be hard for Sophia, but she still raises Heidi like her mother raised her.

Some of the characters in this novel show love like Momma. Sophia wants Heidi to be safe because she doesn’t want her to be run over by a bus like her Momma was. To distract Heidi from going to Liberty to find out what soof means and risking danger, she tells Heidi if she wanted her sweet tea which usually calms Heidi down. Bernie shows her love by her concern if she even going out of the apartment and trying to convince Heidi not to go to Liberty. Heidi wanted Bernie to come along with her, but she fainted with just one step out the door. Zander shows some love to Heidi after every school day when he gives Heidi food to eat while he tells stories or rather lies about his life. Although, he only gives Heidi food so she would stick around to listen to his lies. So some of the love that characters in this novel shown was good so Heidi would not get in trouble. But as for others they just showed it to get attention or to have the other person stay around for some purpose.

This novel’s setting, characters, and plot all contributed to the author’s message which I restate again, love comes in many ways like how you just lost your best friend and your mom gets you to together again. This shows your mom’s love to you. All the characters contributed to the author’s message like your part in a play isn’t as big or small or anybody so it is fair and equal to everybody. I liked this novel because it was a mystery to find out what soof means taking a 13 year old girl many miles from her home to find out what the word soof means


What is your thought of the theme is?

What is your evidence for that with all I information I gave you?

Would you want to travel a couple thousand miles from your home and family? Why? Why not?

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貧しい人々の日本….. (Poor Japan)

(English Translation at the bottom.)



I am sure we all heard about the earthquake that was 8.9 and tsunami disaster. So my after school program is having a shoe drive to help the people in japan. This also helps my class because a field trip in given to the class that donates the most pairs of shoes. If someone in Japan is reading this, have hope because we are helping you! You have supported us with electric appliances and gadgets and now we are going to help you get through your terrible disaster (Curse you mother nature).

I hope none of the radiation has reached anybody people in Japan. If it did, that would just be terrible. It may seem everything is scary right now, but don’t let go of your hope!

Have you done anything to help Japan?

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World Water Day

Related to the student blogging challenge #3. In our science class, we participated in World Water Day by learning how to conserve water, and water pollution. We were going to get a woman from the water company or something, but t got canceled due to our rainy day on Monday. Our science teacher, Mr. Navarro taught us different ways to save water and to try experiments to see of we are saving water. One of them is to put a blue pill we got from a kit he gave us into our toilet top. Then wait 10-20 minutes and see if the water in the bowl is blue. If so, you have a leak and wasting water so you can get your toilet fixed.
Another experiment we had to try for homework is to is we had a thermometer to put into our freezer, fridge, and hot water to test the temperature to see if if the temperature is too low or too high. Then we had to adjust the settings to the correct settings.

The ways people pollute our water should stop. People don’t dispose their batteries right, throw trash on the ground, and pouring chemicals into storm drains. All this goes to the ocean and kills wildlife. But we can prevent that by just not littering and cleaning after our pets. You can also help by by picking at least one piece of trash a day. If everybody did that, the world could be a whole lot CLEANER! Save water and the earth! We only have 1% of water we can use of all of the water we have.

How can you help conserve water?

What can you do to help the water get a bit cleaner?

Did you do anything for World Water Day?

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